Dr. Bowen DC, QME, CCSP

I am a practicing physician in Fresno and I highly recommend Dr. Bowen. He has treated some very complicated conditions that have resulted in excellent clinical outcomes.  Alfonso M.D.

I am a very intense Triathlon participant who suffered an injury to my left hamstring. I thought I was done competing. Physical therapy did nothing for my injury, Dr. Bowen was able to work on my leg  and after a few treatments of his ART, I am pleased to say that my injury has healed.  Thank you Dr. B!  Lisa

Two years ago, I was in an auto accident and injured my hip, shoulder, and neck. I was told I would have to live with the pain. A friend referred me to Mr. Jason Bowen and he did a few different types of treatments that provided me with RELIEF. I am no longer taking daily pain meds to help me get through the day and to sleep. This guy knows what he is doing! He has an amazing staff that always make me feel welcome. I recommend Dr. Jason and his office to everyone. Sheila J.